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Our first stop was at the Northwest Arkansas Community College in Rogers. There we demonstrated how powerful and intelligible these speaker arrays are. With Mass Notification - it’s not how loud a speaker can get but how well you can understand what is being said. We demonstrated sound mapping and that it would only take three of these arrays to protect the entire campus

allowing room to grow while utilizing the existing

wireless network and solar power technology. This

implementation would have a minimal impact on the

students, faculty, and the current infrastructure.

Our second stop was at Arvest Ball Park in

Springdale. At this show we provided a demonstration

to our Engineering community with regards to NFPA 72.


On May fourth and fifth, Dunk Fire & Security had a mini Mass Notification Road Show in Northwest Arkansas. The show included a presentation and demonstration of American Signal Corporation’s I-Force Omni Directional High Powered Speaker Arrays as well as the integration of the EST’s FireworX Platform. We demonstrated how from a single software platform interior and exterior voice communications could be controlled with the touch of a button for a single building or the entire campus.


Mass Notification Road Show

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We explained what Mass Notification is, how it could be implemented and the new NFPA 72, 2010 Edition, requirements for Mass Notification and supervision of those systems.

We explained the growing trend of city, county, state and federal government requirements for Mass Notification as well as the growing interest and implementation from the manufacturing and production industries.

The Mass Notification Mini Road show was a great success. We got to show that with the right set of products and the right implementation plan - a proper and compliant Mass Notification system can be delivered to our partners and clients.